DNA Fragmentation Test

DNA Fragmentation Test

In certain cases where fertility is harmed, sperm DNA fragmentation tests can be advised. The test is used to determine the sperm DNA content. Embryos that grow from sperm with weakened (fragmented) DNA have a lower chance of surviving.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation: What is it?

DNA is the genetic material that provides the instructions for a developing and surviving embryo. Two strands and four bases make up each DNA molecule. Since the bases often bind the two strands in the same order or sequence, they serve as building blocks.
Infertility may occur when one or both of the DNA strands in sperm are separated.

Causes of sperm DNA Fragmentation

  • Toxins in the environment or at work
  • Drug use in old age
  • Tobacco use
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Viruses that cause high fevers

DNA Fragmentation Test

In certain cases, depending on the cause, it is possible to minimize sperm DNA fragmentation. Huge varicoceles can be surgically repaired, and infections can be treated with antibiotics to improve DNA integrity. Among the lifestyle changes that can be beneficial are:

Stay cool: Stop taking deep baths or soaking in hot tubs, and keep computers away from your testes.

Quit cigars: Speak with the psychiatrist about quitting smoking services. Reduce the weight. Obesity has been attributed to the DNA fragmentation of sperm.

Maintain a balanced diet: To better reduce oxidative stress, provide several antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Supplements: While many over-the-counter male fertility supplements haven’t been shown to work, there are a few that could help minimize DNA fragmentation. There are things you should talk to the doctor about.

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