Normal Delivery

What is the meaning of Normal Delivery?

Normal Delivery refers to a baby born at 37-42 weeks gestation, as determined by the last menstrual cycle or ultrasonographic dating and assessment. The Naegel law is a well-known algorithm for calculating the due date based on the last menstrual period’s date. This rule is based on a 28-day menstrual cycle with ovulation occurring in the middle of the month. Ultrasonographic dating is a technique for determining the age of an individual using ultrasound. According to Best Gynaecologist, Dr. Sonali Gupta Ultrasound dating is more reliable, particularly when done early in pregnancy, and is used to confirm or change a due date depending on the last menstrual cycle.

Normal Delivery

There has been a lot of discussion around the standard and cesarean delivery. It is a common misconception that gynecologists favor cesarean births over natural births. This is not the case. The added cost of the cesarean kit is due to the cost of an extra stay, OT consumables, and anesthesia only because there is little benefit for a gynecologist to do a cesarean delivery instead of a regular delivery. Normal childbirth occurs as the infant is delivered via the vaginal canal without the need for an abdominal split. In the case of a regular birth, the gynecologist will start preparing and counseling you from the beginning. You will be offered a food and fitness plan to follow.

normal delivery


Dr. Sonali Gupta believes that a woman’s best shot of normal birth is if she stays active for the whole nine months of pregnancy. Dr. Sonali Gupta is a firm believer in natural delivery, and she counsels the majority of her patients on how to maximize their odds of a normal delivery. Throughout her work, She has been a staunch supporter of natural birth. Dr. Sonali Gupta’s best feature is that in the event of an emergency, she is just a phone call or text away from any of her patients.

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