Ovarian cysts

Ovarian cysts affect many women at some point in their lives. The majority of ovarian cysts cause little to no irritation and are completely harmless. The rest of them go out on their own after a few months without any medication. Ovarian cysts, particularly those that have ruptured, may, however, cause severe symptoms. Get routine pelvic checks to be aware of the signs that could indicate a medical condition to protect your health.

Signs and Symptoms

The majority of cysts are asymptomatic and disappear on their own. A big ovarian cyst, on the other hand, will result in:

  • Pelvic pain — a mild or sharp ache on the cyst’s hand in the lower abdomen.
  • Around the belly, there is a feeling of fullness or heaviness.
  • The feeling of being bloated
  • Pain accompanied by a fever or vomiting
ovarian cyst

See a doctor right away if you have these signs and symptoms, as well as those of shock — damp, clammy skin; fast breathing; and lightheadedness or fatigue.


Dr.Sonali Gupta is the Best Gynaecologist in Greater Noida of The Bliss Care IVF & Gyne Clinic analyses the patient’s symptoms and compares them to the findings to determine the right course of action. Dr. Sonali has extensive expertise in the medical and surgical treatment of ovarian cysts. She is capable of doing surgery both laparoscopically and openly. She maintains that the ovary will be maintained for the eventual reproduction of young females.

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