At The Bliss IVF and Gyane Care, we are committed to providing evidence-based treatment with a particular emphasis on the biological child. Our center’s foundation is built on the core ideals of integrity, ethical behaviour, and innovation. Regardless of your situation, our renowned Reproductive Specialist works directly with you to design a caring and professional Fertility Treatment strategy.

Dr.Sonali Gupta believes that infertility is more than simply the inability to conceive a child; it can also be linked to psychological issues. As a result, we provide some counselling sessions to our patients to assist them to make the best decision possible throughout their complete parenting experience.

Dr.Sonali  is a gold medalist in Master of Surgery in Obstetrics & Gynaecology from prestigious Sawai Maan Singh Medical College Jaipur. She has a vast experience in managing high risk pregnancy especially skilled in delivering patient vaginally by painless method.Her expertise is in advance laparoscopic/minimally invasive gynae surgeries. She has operated more than 4000 minimal invasive surgeries with expertise in fertility preserving surgeries. Dr. Sonali did the first successful laparoscopic cancer surgery in Greater Noida.

Dr. Sonali has good experience and is working dedicatedly for childless couples providing infertility treatment for IVI, IVF & test-tube baby, donor cycles and surrogacy with high success rate.

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