Surrogacy Process

At Bliss Treatment, we believe it is our responsibility to assist you in navigating your choices and determining the right plan to accomplish your family objectives. After deciding on the Surrogacy process in Greater Noida for you, you and our team will sit down and make a schedule.

Surrogacy, in its most basic form, is when a woman bears a baby for another male or couple. Surrogacy is chosen by individuals and families for a variety of causes, including the lack of or impairment of the uterus, chronic reproductive challenges, health issues, single parenting paths, LGBTQ+ family building, and the prevalence of cancer.

How Does the Surrogacy Process Work?
Step1: Consult with the doctor

The first step in the surrogacy process is to talk with your doctor about your family-building plans as well as your personal and family medical records.

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Step 2: Locate an egg or sperm donor

When the female partner does not want to use her eggs or the male partner does not want to use his sperm, the next move is to find a surrogate. Since your egg or sperm donor would be genetically related to your potential infant, making this choice can be difficult.

Step 3: Finish your IVF cycle

The male partner will have a sperm sample at your medical appointment to complete the IVF period. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to happen on the same day as the egg extraction with the spouse or donor.

Step 4: Locate a Surrogate

Surrogates are normally fertile people that have had pregnancies and can be found in all states where surrogacy is legal.

Step 5: Go through the Embryo Transfer Process

The embryo transfer is a relatively simple process, and most planned parents come to the clinic specifically for this surrogate experience.

Step 6: Obtaining Legal Documents

A pre-birth order, parentage documentation for planned parents, and a standardized birth schedule are among the documents. Throughout the procedure, these agreements guarantee that everyone’s interests and desires are understood and preserved.

Step 7: Deliveries

Many parents are present for their child’s birth, with many opting to be in the delivery room, thanks to new technologies and the opportunity.

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